Hi, I'm Georgia, I'm seventeen years old. I'm from Swansea. My dad passed away four months ago from a heart attack.

He had a cancerous lump removed from his neck two years ago. He was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour a year after and he had chemotherapy. The chemotherapy shrunk it about 40% and then he had radiotherapy but they couldn’t operate because it was too close to his brain stem. He was getting better until about April time when he was having terrible constipation pains for about a month. I went to London about three days before he died and the last time I spoke to him was on the phone when I was in London. He died the day I was coming home from London. He had a post mortem and it turned out the tumour had gone to his lung and his groin. Those past three weeks he was in agony with his pains and we knew something wasn’t right. I am coping and going on with my life because I know that’s what he would want but there’s a part of me that’s always going to miss him and never get over this. And the night he died it felt as if I was in a nightmare like a numb feeling. And I think when you lose someone a part of you goes.