Dearest Project 13. I was born in 2004, one of my grandfathers had died 16 years before (in 1988), he was only 63.5 years.

Later on, when I was five years old my other grandfather (aged 83) died and when I was six one of my grandmothers(83) died. Now at the age of 10, my other Grandmother (87) has died.

Since I was born in 2004, my bond grew with my grandmother (Iona Palmer-Evans), unlike with her husband (Cyril) who died before my birth and my other grandparents who I lost when I was five, and six years old. My grandmother died this past Sunday (21/06/2015 at 08.45 pm). I try to lose the bad thoughts by writing things down a note book, this has helped me think of the funny and nice thoughts. Writing things down helps, but I keep on thinking that i’ll never see her again nor hear her again. Since my grandma died I think about her all the time and I will think of her for weeks to come. She is my only grandparent that really meant a lot to me because of my time spent with her.

Lots of thanks, Lloyd