Hi my name is Alyce and I am 19 years old from Carmarthen. I lost my dad 2 years ago from a heart attack

He had complained for months about indigestion in his stomach, but after numerous doctors appointment they couldn’t pick anything up. He went to work and complained to his colleagues of feeling unwell. He died that evening in hospital after attempts of trying to save him.
He had a post mortum, from which we discovered he had Ischemic heart disease, artersclerosis and arthersclerosis.
I am coping in my own way by blocking it out and carrying on my life as he would have wanted me to.
I was very lucky to have such a great dad who supported me in everything i did.
I will remember the day I lost him like it was yesterday, the phone call we had to say he had collapsed in work.
I think about him without fail everyday. I miss him and the pain will never go away from that day, but I think of all the great memories I had with him and reminisce on those and think of how proud he would be of me now and what I have achieved.
Talking to others about your lost one is most definitely one of the best coping mechanisms.