It was 2015 Christmas I was only 10. My auntie said come down for Christmas that year so she did. So it was me my sister who was 12, my auntie, my mum and dad. It was the day after Christmas and my mum told me and my sister we had go to my aunties house for a couple of days.

Four days after Christmas my auntie got a phone call from my mum and kind of guessed it was something bad by how my auntie walked out the room saying “has he, o bless him” and then the over hint was when my sister was talking to my mum and she threw the phone across the floor and started crying then I finally was told my dad had died. It felt weird at first and I didn’t really know what to do. After a while I got through it but the problem is that I don’t show my feelings I stay strong. So everyone thought I was fine but I was actually hurting on the inside. The summer holidays after my dads death was okey until my brother (who’s was a adult) was found dead in a woods. After that I learnt life isn’t fair and my point was proven right when my nan died the next summer holidays (2017). I had just got used to it to be honest, going to funeral to funeral people sad with tears dripping down the face but I didn’t cry not at one of them which was weird because I wanted to I just couldn’t, I was the strong one the one who couldn’t let stuff like that get to me so I got through it. But the sadness didn’t stop there a couple of months ago (September 2017) my other nan died and that was it I mentally couldn’t take it anymore but I still go through it everyday saying everything’s okay, that nothing ever bothers me that I don’t think about it but I do I think about it loads I want to talk to some one but I don’t know who.