Hey, my name is Catrin I am 12 years old now. Today I am going to Write about my nan she died with heart -attack back in 2013 I was 8 years old back then, one day I was getting dressed to go to school but my mum said to me sit down I was like why mum why do you want me to sit day I hered

My sister crying down Stairs I asked my mum what’s wrong with my sister my mum says that you can I have a day off school to day I was so confused mum what has happened to nan my mum said your anti went in to check her but she shouted and shouted but she didn’t wake up and my mum dad she passed away I started crying I didn’t stop until the next I tried to go to school the next day but I was to upset to go to school and as it came to 12th of may 2018 I got more upset about my nan i was crying to one of teachers and he said what’s wrong I said it been five years since my nan passed away and he was had a meeting with my mum one day said to me would you like to se the School counsellor And talk about your feelings about you’re nan I had two days to think about I said to him on Friday yes I would like to see the school counsellor he said ok I will sort it out with one of the other staff I was ok thanks syr he said it’s ok.

Thanks for listening